Hacking ESPN Smart Remote and ARRU449 Windows Mobile based remotes

I would like to start hacking on these remotes. They are universal programmable remotes with Wi-Fi, a USB connector, a color screen, a built-in simple web browser and they run on Windows Mobile.

One of the features I really liked on my ESPN Remote is the ability to view TV listings on the small screen, then click a button to tune to the channel. Unfortunately this service was recently discontinued.

Some of the things that I think can be accomplished:
– Re-create the TV listing service by redirecting requests to the click365 service and answering the queries with a local web server.
– Install other Windows Mobile programs on the remote.
– Make a web app to control everything in your house via home automation software like MisterHouse.
– Remotely control iTunes via Wi-Fi like the iPhone does.
– Backup all the configuration that has been done to make it work with all my devices.
– Share the programmed IR signals on the remote with other users so that it’s easier to program the remote to work with your devices. This can all be compiled in a database similar to the Logitech Harmony database.
– Control entertainment center devices remotely via the remote and maybe make things switch on/off on a schedule.

Does anybody know how to get into these devices and start hacking on them? What I know so far is as follows.

The remote is running the Windows CE Web Server on ports 80 and 443. I have no idea what any URL’s are that can be accessed though. If we can get to the file system on the remote we could maybe see what URL’s are valid.

Usually you can install ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center and when you connect the device via USB to your PC it lets you browse the files on the device. While these remotes have a USB connector it does not connect with ActiveSync. There must be something disabled on the device causing this. Edit: Looks like this explains how

If there is any interest by other people we could create a project on Google Code or SourceForge and start documenting our work.

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